Call Tracking & Monitoring

Competition for new patients is higher than ever, and there’s an industry need to book new patients more easily. Though it’s tough to target what each dental practice struggles with, practices are leaking thousands of dollars a month because of poor phone skills. Let us help your practice operate more efficiently and become experts at booking appointments on every call.
In addition, our call tracking solution offers hard data on which marketing campaigns are bringing you the most business.

Turn appointment opportunities into more booked appointments

• Hold offices and staff members accountable to appointments booked and measure progress across the entire group.
• Receive continuous training and feedback for each agent.
• Ensure all of the leads driven to your office are converted into booked appointments.

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Generate better leads and convert more of your phone leads into appointments.

• Hold your advertising sources accountable for driving your
offices new patient opportunities.
• Optimize the cost per lead based on your marketing spend.

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