Telephone Training

The Challenge

The most important person in your practice is the person answering the phone. They are a direct conduit to your revenue growth or decline. They are the first contact that you have with patients and if they are not trained properly they may be costing you thousands of dollars.

Mystery Calls

Mystery telephone calls are an ideal strategy to search for lost opportunities at your dental or specialty practice. Having full visibility of how your telephones are answered, along with a high-level of communication training for your employees, provides you with valuable insight and the peace of mind knowing telephone inquiries are being converted into new patient consultations.

Why It Works

Mystery calls will ensue your team is held accountable. Expert callers are highly trained, ask the right questions and will test your employees on their telephone skills.  Experts will work with you to ensure calls to your practice are customized to yours specific needs, analyze each call and send you tips how to improve.  One on one training with each of your employees is also available.

What they will learn
  • Six steps to the perfect new patient call.
  • Three steps to overcoming price inquiries
  • Five steps to the perfect current patient call
  • Five steps to the perfect ReCare call

Doctor’s Benefits:
  • Converts more calls to appointments
  • Increased practice efficiencies
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Increase revenue and production