Get More Patients from Drip Marketing

What is Automated Drip Marketing?

It’s a turnkey solution for direct response advertising. You’re trying to direct traffic to your website with everything you do from your business cards to your Google Adwords campaign but your current website is just another online brochure. 

It’s likely your low conversion rate has less to do with your website and more to do with everything that happens (or isn’t happening) after visitors leave. Persuasive, personalized, and perfectly-timed automated follow-up, that makes use of today’s best marketing automation tools and techniques, can dramatically improve your conversion rate.

Getting a patient into an automated marketing funnel is what differentiates the top 1% of dental practice websites and everyone else. It’s 2017 and social media dominates. Meanwhile, email marketing is quietly generating a 4,300% return for anyone smart enough to stay focused on it and retargeting ads commonly provide 100% to over 200% return on investment. 

One of the reasons it’s so effective is that today’s top marketing automation tools allow you to deliver marketing that is customized to individual contacts… that’s something you can’t do with social media.

What is Denture Drip Marketing?

Now let’s take the automated marketing funnel to a new level with our denture wearers list. We provide you with an exclusive list of people that buy denture creams and these same people have taken a survey that they are unhappy with their dentures. We can now market to this highly targeted list of potential patients on your behalf. We start out with a Facebook campaign delivered straight to these people on an individual basis.

We deliver a free marketing report or based on your input deliver a series of special offers that we deliver to these potential patients over time. We utilize Facebook, direct mail (see sample tear sheet image to your right), email, newspaper and retargeting ads to stay front of mind.

Most dental practices are focused on the 3% of the people that are ready to buy right now, but the real money is in the 10% that will make their decision to move forward in the next couple of months and the 87% in the near future. We utilize 3 types of automated marketing campaigns that can turn traffic into buyers regardless of where they are on that spectrum we just talked about. Our “system” will automatically identify those that are on the edge but they just need that little more information or attention. Our “system” will then automatically send distinct marketing messages just to these people based on how they have responded to our other offers. Helping you get more implant patients.

We do this by crafting multi-phased campaigns all centered around, “response indicators”.

Here’s what this looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.04.54 PM

Response Indicators


Benefits to automated marketing

  • Improves website conversion rates
  • Increases existing return on investment from other ad campaigns
  • Provides a better experience for patients
  • Helps your team increase schedule rates

What is a “tear sheet”

A “tear sheet” mailing is an article that looks like it was written in a newspaper (complete with news stories surrounding the copy) It’s delivered in a way that looks as if it was “torn” out of the newspaper by a friend who then attached a yellow “sticky note” to it that says, Hi first name, I thought you’d find this interesting! And the sticky note is signed by the letter J, studies show that most people know someone with a first name that starts with J. The “tear sheet” is delivered in a standard envelope, hand addressed, with no return address and a first class stamp.  Example below:

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 2.00.49 AM
Example of a postcard or newspaper ad
Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 12.35.49 AM

In every sales situation there’s always an action or a series of actions a prospect typically takes before he or she buys. We call these Behavioral Dynamic Response indicators. These “response indicators” are key to getting more dental implant patients. We use Behavioral Dynamic Response in everything we do. Behavioral Dynamic Response is truly the “holy grail” of Internet marketing. It works by tracking what your prospects are doing inside your campaigns and then dynamically sending them customized marketing messages…based on their behavior, and the actions they’re taking!

Our sole focus is to simply move your prospects from one “response indicator” to the next, until he or she buys!