Patient Financing

Don’t lose another treatment plan when the patient can pay!
Patient Financing Today

It is no secret that many doctors are dissatisfied with their current patient financing options. Financing that relies solely on a patient’s credit score doesn’t approve the patients who are most in need of financing. Patients walk out the door without treatment, effectively wasting time spent on consultations.

How Is This Different

Unlike traditional “financing” options, we empower the doctor to create a “customized” payment plan for each deserving patient. Our proprietary software automatically evaluates a patient’s “ability to pay” in just a few seconds and provides the doctor an “accept or decline” recommendation about the patient’s payment worthiness while they are still in the office. Our revolutionary underwriting system gives you the guidance you need to easily and effectively extend financing to your patients so that you can build a valuable accounts receivable portfolio.

We won’t subject you OR your patient to hidden fees or retroactive interest rates. We will also work with you to structure your patient financing so that you can capture 100% of your treatment fees.


  Over the past several years, I have realized that so many patients struggle getting the actual dental work they need. Fear use to be the number one barrier, but today it is affordability. So many patients in today’s economy do not qualify for CareCredit, or it is just not enough. Two years ago I began to use Patient Preferred in our practice to give patients an in-house payment option beyond CareCredit and others. It gave me the reliability of getting paid, and more importantly allowed us to double our dental implant sales.  

– Scotty L. Bolding, D.D.S., M.S., Fort Smith, AR