Increase Your Practice Hours & Website Conversions

online patient appointments

Real-Time, 24/7 Scheduling

Online scheduling is like having someone in your office 24 / 7 allowing patients to schedule accurately into your PMS. No more missed appointments because the office was closed or too busy, Loccaking the scheduling process completely painless for patients and dentists alike.

Supported Practice Management Systems
  • Dentrix
  • Dentrix Enterprise
  • Eaglesoft
  • Softdent
  • Opendental

Complete Practice Integration

It’s the only online scheduling platform that directly integrates into your Practice Management System. This means that all times are displayed accurately by appointment type and chair, there is no double booking, and all appointments are actually scheduled directly into your PMS.

True Appointments

Being connected directly to your office PMS and by setting up all custom office filters, online scheduling provides 100% accurate openings by provider, chair, and appointment type. We take all your rules and combine them with all the information in your PMS to ensure complete accuracy of the displayed appointment times.

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I don’t want to lose control of my schedule. If patients are booking appointments themselves, can’t they corrupt my schedule?

No, you have 100% control over the appointments shown online, and how they’re placed into your system. You can choose what appointment types, how many, what times, etc. Patients only see what you allow.

The patients that schedule online, how will we know they booked an appointment?

We send an email to the front desk immediately letting you know an appointment has been placed. You can have this email sent to as many addresses as you like. Also, it will say LocalMed within the appointment itself.

Will patients that book online show up? We prefer to have that personal touch with the patient on the phone so that they show up. We are worried about no-shows and cancellations…

Our clients have largely reported a drop in no-shows & cancellations because patients are booking appointments that 100% work with their schedule. Not only is it convenient for them, but they aren’t limited to what the front desk person mentions on the phone. Having less people on the phone actually allows for a better in-person experience and increased patient satisfaction.

Will anyone actually use the online scheduler?

Absolutely. Your average dental website converts 3-4% of web traffic into actual booked appointments. Adding Online Scheduling will raise that by 35-70%. The more web traffic you have, the more people will use it.

Will this be an additional system my front office staff has to learn?

Nope, install takes about 15 minutes, and nobody at your practice has to actively monitor or update it – it will run silently in the background, without slowing your system down whatsoever.

Our scheduling is too complex.

No way. We have offices from 1 location/1 provider all the way up to groups of 10+ offices with 50+ providers – it doesn’t get more complex than that. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve never been stumped. Online Scheduling has solved the complexity of dental scheduling.

Will this interfere with my other 3rd party systems? (SolutionReach, Lighthouse, etc)

Not only do we not interfere, we actually enhance what you’re doing with all of those systems. We can work right alongside all of your other platforms seamlessly.