Sales & Finance Training

The Challenge

Transform your treatment coordinator into a financial sales expert! Increase your treatment acceptance, financial conversion, efficiency, profitability and much more! This treatment plan/financial presentation training will have an immediate impact on your dental or specialty practice as the statistics speak for themselves. Dental and specialty practices that have implemented this training experience twice the national average in financial conversion (National average is 18% and our clients average almost 40%) and their treatment acceptance skyrockets.

What you receive:
  • 2 (1 hour) Skype trainings per month
  • Presentation training
  • Sales training
  • Financial training
  • Overcoming objections
  • Commercial training on interest rates, credit score knowledge, soft vs. hard pull and more
  • Financial conversion training
  • Commercial Statistics to to Track at your Practice
  • Role plays to ensure success
Doctor’s Benefits:
  • Increase your financial conversion and cash flow
  • Improve treatment acceptance rates
  • Learn how to overcome common and uncommon patient objections
  • Increase efficiency, profitability and productivity