What is Search engine Optimization?

Generate quality new-patient opportunities from Google organic search results by using search engine optimization and lead generation strategies and techniques.
  • Drive new patients to your site
  • Get them to contact you


Increase your website traffic from Google

We’ll examine the opportunities within your market and develop a plan to target the right new-patient prospects the right way that can bring in more traffic. Then we’ll optimize your web pages for Google to generate maximum traffic. This will include editing your text and code to ensure correct schema usage, titles, meta descriptions, headings, and text.

Capture more leads from website traffic

We’ll build landing pages and lead generation forms. We’ll also recommend the best lead-generation techniques and introduce other innovative techniques and promotional concepts that encourage anonymous visitors to become new-patient leads.

 Publish great content

We’ll produce 2 original articles per month that aligns with your SEO strategy.

Send customized reports & analysis

We’ll deliver executive-level report issued bi-weekly which includes data summaries, customized reports, and actionable steps for program improvement. We’ll also conduct 30-minute phone conference held bi-weekly to review report and answer questions.

Working people in the office

SEO Success Stories

264% increase in website traffic from Google

Generating more traffic from Google organic results can take time. It doesn’t happen overnight, and unfortunately, it rarely occurs even in the first few months. But with a consistent, fundamentally correct approach, results can be dramatic – and sustainable.

With this SEO client, a West Coast practice, it took nearly a full year of slow, gradual increases until the site finally reached the front page of search results for a number of key terms. Once it did, the traffic to the site took off, and has remained at the higher level ever since.

Increasing Leads by 390%

A natural consequence of higher traffic is more leads. This same client experienced a 390% increase in leads over the same time period. To ensure the site generated more leads, we changed how offers were presented and introduced landing pages that targeted keywords and user intents.

Track. Analyze. Tweak. Repeat.

Our approach to SEO success is based on constant tracking, analysis, and testing different tactics. Fact is, no one knows ahead of time exactly what will work for an individual site. But a metric-based approach ensures the site continuously improves until it reaches its objectives.


225% increase in leads from Google Mobile Search

There’s a lot more to a mobile website than just being responsive.

When a patient conducts a search on a mobile device, that person typically has a different intent or need than when conducting a search on a desktop computer. Consequently, the mobile experience should be different as well.

Over the years, we’ve learned what works on mobile and, as a result, how to deliver better results.

For most practices, we’ve seen double-digital growth in leads – and for few, even triple digital growth.


Grow your new patient leads by 30%

Most practices that begin using our website and SEO services see real growth in site traffic and leads.

  • More traffic from Google: It takes time to build the correct foundation for a successful natural search campaign. But gradually, traffic will increase and remain at the higher levels.
  • More new patient leads: As more of the right kind of traffic lands on pages optimize to convert visitors, leads increase as well.
  • Better marketing: Once you see what’s working and learn more about effective online marketing, all your marketing efforts will improve and your practice will grow.

This East Coast practice saw 135% increase in leads after 8 months of SEO work. Best of all, the new performance level is sustainable.