Website Solutions

Our websites are built for marketing and sales. They feature smart design technology, tracking and support. All focused on generating leads and converting them into customers. Use it for your company’s main site, a focused promotion, or a mobile app. No technical background is required to get your website up and running quickly.


Smart Design

Not every beautiful layout will grow your business. Some designs actually hurt your site’s ability to engage visitors and get them to act. Our Smart Designs incorporate the science behind successful dental websites.

Smart Software

Our software makes it simple for anyone to create pages and manage content.

Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking creates a detailed Visitor Profile of every visitor and tracks each visit, so you’ll know in real-time:

  • Who’s viewing your site.
  • When they viewed your site.
  • What they viewed and for how long.
  • How many times they visited.

You can also determine the success of your advertising campaigns based on the number of site visits. Then you can examine each campaign more specifically to discover which tactics are working and which are not.

Smart Support

Whether you’re web-savvy or a web-newbie, creating and managing your own website can be intimidating and time consuming. That’s why you’ll love your Personal Website Expert. If you have a question, your Expert will have the answer. Your Personal Website Expert is available while you work on your site within the admin. Just click the icon in the bottom right corner and send an instant message. Our support team will respond within 24 hours.

Before and After Examples

What matters: A site redesign involves much more than simply making it look more professional. This will of course improve your brand and increase the confidence patients feel when evaluating your practice.  Our site redesigns will also grow the number of new-patient leads through the strategic use of language, user experience, and lead generation efforts. There is, for example, a science behind where elements go on a web page and how colors are used to increase user clicks and calls. You’ll see improve immediately – in more ways than one.

Hover over image to view BEFORE version.

AllNew Dental  

  • allnewdental-post-browser
  • allnewdental-pre-browser

Dental Center of the Carolinas  

  • carolinas-post-browser
  • carolinas-pre-browser

New Haven Implant & Oral Surgery  

  • oralsurgerynewhaven-post-browser
  • oralsurgerynewhaven-animation

Calabasas Oral Surgery Center  

  • calabasasoralsurgery-browser-post
  • calabasasoralsurgery-browser-pre